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Governing Documents - Architectural, By-Laws, Resolutions and DCCR Documents as filed for record. (Original Documents in PDF format)

The following Documents contain a conversion of the original Governing Documents and Restrictions for Lakeville.  A software conversion was made and as such there could be some conversion errors found, so these documents are not intended to replace the original PDF version under Governing Documents.  Effort has been made to insure the overall completeness of the conversion as well as formatting to allow quick access to sections.  
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ARC Guidelines - Architectural Review Committee Guidelines.
ARC Request FormARC Improvement Request Form.
Deed Restrictions - Declaration of Covenants, Conditions & Restriction for Lakeville                                                       Community Association, Inc.
Annexation - Annexation of Lakeville Section 2 through 7 and Amendments.
          Map- Map of Lakeville Sections Annexed.
​​​​​By-Laws - Lakeville Community Association, Inc. By-Laws.

The following Documents are the more common areas of interest and concern contained in the DCCR's and are a conversion from the Governing Documents.   Same rules as above. 

Animals (Article II, Section 2.1 Paragraph L)
Please Note: ALL dogs must be leashed in Harris County. 
Leasing Policy (Article II, Section 2.1 Paragraph B) This policy supplements the regulations found in the DCCR and their amendments.  The purpose of this policy is to provide clarification and standardization of Leasing. 
Lot Maintenance (Article II, Section 2.3 Paragraph Q)
Please Note: Homeowner responsible for Lot maintenance.
Nuisances (Article II, Section 2.1 Paragraph G)
Please Note: A nuisance is any condition or activity that is offensive to a person of ordinary sensibilities.
Rear Yards (Article II, Section 2.6 Paragraph H)  
Please Note: Discusses Easements and Rear Yard Fences only.
Signs (Article II, Section 2.1 Paragraph O)
Please Note: Leasing signs are not permitted and are in violation of the deed restrictions.
Single Family Residential (Article II, Section 2.1 Paragraph B)
Please Note: Dwelling must only be used for single family residential purposes.
Lakeville Insurance & Security (Article VI Insurance; Security)
Vehicle & Parking Restrictions (Article II, Section 2.1 Paragraph D,E,F)
Please Note: Restrictions for vehicle type, size and parking.