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L a k e v i l l e  C o m m u n i t y  A s s o c i a t i o n , I n c .
1 6 6 9 0 P a r k R o w
H o u s t o n , T e x a s 7 7 0 8 4
2 8 1 - 3 4 3 - 9 1 7 8
March 29, 2016
Re: Towing Policy
Dear Homeowner/Resident:
Our HOA policy for vehicle parking prohibits parking on the private streets. This is a
safety concern because emergency vehicles need room to pass on the streets, and it is
also an issue of community esthetics.
Therefore, the Board of Directors would like to inform you that the towing policy for
Lakeville Community Association will begin being enforced effective July 1, 2016. 
Any violation will result in the vehicle being towed.  A sign with the towing company’s
contact information will be placed at the entrance of the community.
If your vehicle is towed, please contact Manny's Towing directly at 713-391-0134 for
information about getting your vehicle back. Once a vehicle is towed, the Board of
Directors will have no authority to remove the charges the towing company imposes. If
you have out-of-town guests or social gatherings that might require temporary street
parking at night, please contact the Spectrum Community Manager or Board Member.
Thank you for your cooperation in helping make Lakeville Community Association a
great place to live.
Board of Directors